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Discussions of interest to digital artists

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Name:Pixel Pushers
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Support and discussion for digital artists
Welcome to Pixel Pushers! This community is for digital visual artists. Feel free to discuss techniques, software, strategy, marketing, freelancing, and more. Anything that would be of interest to the amateur or professional digital artist is welcome here. Please note that this is not a community for showing off your artwork. Our sister community [community profile] digitalart is a far better place for that.


  1. Flames or attacks are not welcome here. This includes attacking ideas as well as individuals. For example, "I don't like XYZ software because the user interface is poorly designed," is acceptable. "XYZ software sucks," is not. If you see comments that you believe are inappropriate, notify a moderator. It is not appropriate to attack or flame anyone here, even if they started it.

  2. This community is open to a variety of subject matters. Any content that is welcome under the Open Expression and Diversity Statement is welcome here. This means that some content may make some viewers uncomfortable. If you find something posted here that makes you uncomfortable, stop looking at it.

  3. Off topic posts may be deleted without warning.

  4. Advertisements for other communities or events are allowed only by permission of the maintainer/moderator. Contact information is below. If you fail to get permission, those posts may also be deleted without warning.

  5. This community is focused on discussion. You are not welcome to disable comments on your posts.

  6. Maintainer/Moderator:

    [personal profile] iconoplast - Stacey
    Contact - dw.digitalart (at) or private message here.
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